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Fresh Potty 32 Oz


Fresh Potty™: Fresh potty is our proprietary blend of special minerals and trace elements that are designed to neutralize odors in your RV holding tanks. It works in high temperatures and while dry camping as well. Fresh potty’s ingredients help to reduce the surface tension between liquids, or liquids and solids. It controls the odors in RV tanks by neutralizing the odor, not covering it up. Fresh potty’s ingredients also coat the inside of your holding tanks so that contaminants don’t stick or have the chance to buildup and cause problems. Your sensors will start working again and keep working with regular use. No formaldehyde, its biodegradable, and you can even wash your cloths in it for that scent free clean (great for hunters). The product is even amazing for boat cassette toilets. Imagine emptying your tanks and “NO ODOR”. Great for septic tanks too! Helps increase oxygen levels which helps the growth of good bacteria and enzymes. 2 oz per 50 gallon tank, an oz more when the weather gets hotter

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