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Whatamop *Head Only* Multi Color


The Whatamop is the only mop of its kind anywhere! Imagine cleaning with just hot water! Even greasy substances like vaseline. Our mops don't push things around they capture them and hold on to them until you wash the mop out! We hand make each and everyone from the raw materials to the finished product. This is our signature product and we're sure you'll love it!


It's machine washable & bleachable, and is unaffected by fuels and most household chemicals. Dry it in your dryer. Incredibly strong and absorbent, and so lightweight and fluffy you'll think your mopping with a cloud! We use unique materials to build our mops, including more than 2700 sq. inches of our ultra soft, highly advanced, proprietary fabric. We have a 28 step process ensuring that our ultra-soft fabric is the only thing that ever touches your floors.

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