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The New Whatamop™ Is Now Available In Our Store!

We've made some exciting new improvements to our Whatamop!

We've added more material, now 2700 square inches!

Check out our New Grey & Multi Color Whatamop's and our New Mommie's Little Helper Mop's!

Our commercial customers are really loving our New Commerical Series Mops. With 4990 sq. inches of 

material in each one.

The Price for the mop head alone is $24.95 ($35.00 for the commercial series mop)

and shipping is $7.00 anywhere in the US.

You can include as many as 10 cloths in your mop order for the same low shipping price.

We will honor show specials just let us know what show you attended!

Order the same bundle you've seen at our shows, be aware though that the shipping charges can be quite high. Drop us an email with your city and zip code for shipping cost!

Fresh Potty Is Ready For the Road!

Fresh Potty is our proprietary blend of special minerals and trace elements that are designed to neutralize odors in your RV holding tanks. We developed it because of our own need to resolve the odor and dumping challenges that being on the road for months at time created. It works in high temperatures and while dry camping as well. Fresh Potty's ingredients help to reduce the surface tension between liquids, or liquids and solids. It controls the odors in RV tanks by neutralizing the odors not covering them up. Fresh Potty's ingredients also coat the inside of the tanks so that contaminants don't stick or have the chance to build up and cause problems. Your senors will start working again and keep working with regular use, although it may take a while to happen depending on how badly covered or corroded they are. It does have a light scent naturally and we intend to offer it in lavender scent as well.

You want several things to happen with your holding tanks:

No odor inside your rig.

No odor while dumping.

To keep things moving along like they should while dumping.

To keep the inside of your tank clean and slippery. 

Fresh Potty does all of that and at a price you can afford!

It contains No Formaldehyde, or any other harmful ingredient, its biodegradable, and you can even wash your clothes in it for that scent free clean (great for hunters).It's easy to use and great for the environment. It contains all natural, USA sourced ingredients and we blend in small batches to maintain the integrity of our formula. This is not the cheapest way to make our Fresh Potty but it is the best way to do it and so is packaging and selling it ourselves. Our package doesn't look like any other RV tank cleaner you've seen on the market and it isn't. Fresh Potty is great for boat cassette toilets and automatic feeders on larger motor homes. Imagine emptying your tanks and " No Odor "

Fresh Potty should be used with proper holding tank practices and at the recommended rates. Please follow our tips for keeping your holding tanks clean and in working order.

Stay tuned! I have a lot to say about RV holding tanks and I intend to add tips, do's and don'ts soon.

Now there's a new way to clean and polish! Using the advanced patented technology in the Whatacloth™ 

fabric and plain tap water from your faucet, you'll experience one of the most powerful multi-surface cleaning 

duo's you've ever seen! With our New Handmade Whatamop and the Original Whatacloth you'll be amazed at what these 

powerful cleaning tools can do!

The Whatacloth and Whatamop fabrics are not an alternative for microfiber, but rather a new revolutionary technology that will outperform microfiber hands down. Nothing at any price cleans like our products. There are plenty of products on the market today that over promise and under deliver, so we certainly understand why you might be skeptical about our cloths and mops and our exuberant claims of what they can do, especially in these trying economic times when its even more important to get the most for your money. That's why we're so proud of these products! They do exactly what we promise they'll do! DMJsupplies brand products can literally save you hundreds of dollars a year. But don't take our word for it, add it up for yourself. When you stop buying glass cleaner, paper towels, and other cleansers, how much will you save?


You might have seen a demonstration and purchased one of our products? Maybe you are visiting our site on the advice of a friend or relative? Whatever the reason for your visit, take your time, have a look around, and Welcome to DMJsupplies home of Whatacloth™ & the New Handmade Whatamop™ !

We've been selling our all purpose cleaner "SHADAZZLE" for quite sometime and we are totally amazed by it! Coupled with our New Grey Whatacloth II you just won't find a better all purpose cleaner and polish. The Whatacloth II really enhances the polishing ability on metals and glass. 

Shipping Information

We offer shipping only to our United States Customers at this time ! You must have a valid shipping address within the Continental United States. We do not guarantee the promptness of the delivery. If you supply an incorrect address DMJsupplies will not be responsible for a product deliveried to that wrong address. Most packages will be delivered by United States Postal Service Priority Mail. Priority Mail takes from 1 to 3 days to be delivered. Large packages will be delivered by UPS. We generally ship the same day we receive your order.


We accept returns within the first 15 days on unused, unopened items. Customer must pay shipping on returns. We guarantee our mops, buckets, ringers and handles for one year against defects in workmanship. Customer must submit a picture clearly showing the defect and pay shipping cost for replacement.

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