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The Whatamop Story

The Whatamop Story is kind of like our own story. A customer of ours who runs a charter boat service in VA asked " have you ever thought of designing a mop that cleans like your cloths?" He told us that he needed a mop that would hold up longer than a few months and would work without harsh chemicals or soaps. Well after 64 attempts, a lot of angry days in our shop, a few holes in the sheet rock from throwing our failed attempts at it, the Whatamop was born! My wife was adamant that the mop we designed must have extra material at its center to protect the surfaces it cleaned and help increase it's scrubbing ability. As it turns out that was one of the most difficult things to figure out, but also one of the most useful attributes of our mops. No mop anywhere has this and of course no mop has our blend of material either!

Although we originally designed our mops for the demanding day to day task of the boating industry, it has quickly become the go to mop for cleaning services, hotels, schools, and home owners alike! My wife likes to say "The Spin Stops Here"

The many things that make the Whatamop so different are also the things that make it work so well. It's completely hand made by our family in our shop in Rocky Mount, Virginia and on the road while we travel the US introducing It. Our fabric is very unique and this is the only mop on the market that has it! The filaments (fibers) are ultra-soft yet dirt, grime even grease and oil are easily removed with just warm to hot water! It removes 99.4% of bacteria and germs as well. It will not mildew, or rot and it cleans all of your surfaces with just plain water. Whatamop is machine washable, bleachable, and is unaffected by fuels and most household chemicals. Incredibly absorbent, and so light weight you'll think your mopping with a cloud! It's extremely easy to wring out, and it polishes your surfaces to a steak free shine!

We use only premium materials to build our mops, including more that 2700 sq. inches (4900 sq. Inches in our commercial series mops) our ultra-soft highly advanced proprietary fabric and all of the components that we use to assemble it. We hand assemble each mop one at a time, using our 28 step process. We take care while building our mops to ensure that our ultra-soft fabric is the only thing touching your fine surfaces.

As you can see we are very proud of our mops, and we figure that if we offer a well-made product, at a fair price and it exceeds your expectations you'd be proud to own one too! Let us know what you think.